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Siem Reap Home Stay! Home Stay Welcomes to travelers to meet with local and experince the real taste style life of Cambodia. Offer you to unique experience learning, culture and traditional and time as much as possible of this fascinating country.


Siem Reap home stays are run by villagers. Mr. Phat  Sok the volunteer project manager would love to bring you to meet real local life, Phat- the driver and local guide who can add you insight to every stage of the Homestay and countryside tours. You can choose the grade of friendly accommodation, you would prefer from a selection that has been hand-picked by us for your comfort, atmosphere, and friendly- environment and Communities-based Ecotourism and alternative to traditional - culture, house are most of which are locally-owned. Phat can also create a custom itinerary for you that include other services incorporate special interests such as tour itineraries temples, countryside tours experience village life's style stay. Travelers are developer to provide an alternative income to villagers in Kampong Phlouk, Kampong Kleang , Chreav green home, Wat Pou Village, three Khang Cherng village and flooded forest of Kampong Pluk Commune, all revenues from your stay in community and help them to improve lively-hood of their next generation and protect environment and the flooded forest around villages and manage it in a sustainable ways.

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By coming to Siem Reap you made a good choice, but don’t think you’ve seen everything here until you’ve joined our unique Siem Reap homestay and countryside tours. you will see numerous types of rare flora and fauna are all found along the ways and more..!.
Siem Reap home discovery bring you to places where life is still the same as it was before, where changes seem to have passed the people without touching their traditional way of living and share the feeling and meet friendly people!
You will go for an unforgettable experience amongst the rice field and traditional villages. Would you like somewhere to relax and escape from tourists place? we are here.!


We are a social enterprise, created from the outset with the aim of providing local people with much-needed employment, a sense of community and opportunities for development.

Using best E-co tourism practices to improve lives in areas of need, your present provide direct support to on-the-ground humanitarian and conservation and environment.


We believe that truly responsible travel should benefit both the client and the destination in equal measures. The client gains insight into Cambodian lives and cultures, learning a little bit about themselves in the process. The destination receives economic benefit and opportunities for self-development – but never at the sacrifice of their culture or integrity.
In order to achieve these aims we operate two policies alongside each other: the first to minimize what we take, the second to maximize what we give back. Self-administration of projects and funds ensures that 100% of our support goes directly to the people who need it.

Our aim: Siem Reap Home Stay and countryside tours Aims would like to bring you somewhere to relax and escape from tourists Rout and industrial countries after a long time hard working..! This tour will help you do that, spending your time in the most beautiful beyond escape Sites in Cambodia, enjoying the Nature and the alternative traditional experience in the northwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is interesting and relaxing more than Ruins. After this tour, you will understand why / How Khmer people are doing in the northwest of Cambodia, Siem Reap, for living lifestyle in both seasons and during the dry and wet time.  You will satisfy your local experience and member able holiday with Endless white hearts, eco-friendly people, nature, charming flooded forest, fishing villages, rice paddy and numerous types of rare flora and fauna are all found in both communities. These destinations are a must for the country site and nature lovers when traveling to a part of Cambodia.


What you can experience?

1- Siem Reap Home Stay at Kampong Phouk is located 19 Kilometer southeast of Siem Reap Angkor Wat town. the only  25 minutes, Tuk Tuk, Motorbike 45 minutes. just drive through Sim Reap on road number # 6 then arrive Rolous Temples Group off-road turn right 5 Km in the wet season ( need take the boat to reach the villages in the rainy season, if dry season bit longer to 9 Kilometer from road # 6 all the don to villages!

What you can experience?

Walking, paddle to the flooded forest, watching the bird, a monkey at Lake Sor, paddle round villages morning and evening see activities and how.!

wet season: Good for swimming in fishing, paddle with boat.!
Picnicking or enjoy local food from fresh Lake water or eat the local family.
Experiencing a Cambodian rural lifestyle or Ox-cart ride through the near homestay.
overnight stay and meals for tour package are best booked 2 days in advance 2pax up.
Two Days + One Night  Home Stay + Country Tours

Activity And Tours

Day 1: Pick up from Hotel To Siem Reap Home Stay,

Departure any time you wish, walking, bikecycle around throught villages and get a rise on Ox-card to visit Tile villages Producer, more activities if time alow.

Dinner with a local family walks to exchange alternative culture other event take place in the village soon!

Day2: Homestay on Lake Tours.

Take boat or hiking to the flooded forest, floating at Lakeshore, paddle round villages morning and evening activities. as we can do want to do just let the take us!

    Home Stay + tours 1 pax = $ 69 USD Start 2 pax up....!

 The Price Are In USD Dollar  ( a place Stay + locally food ) 

 Siem Reap Home Stay Packages  1 pax  2 - 3 pax   4-5  Pax Up
 2day /1 Night  99USD  69USD  49USD
 3 day / 2 Night  29USD  89USD  65USD
  A Day experince  89USD  49USD  43USD

 Entrance fees Visitors per + Transport , boat + Tuk Tuk + local Guide + home stay + food

Please Email : Cambodiataxidriver@gmail.com

Email: sokphat08@yahoo.com

Call: 017 93 06 94  ( +855 (0) 17 930 694  )


Cambodia sightseeing - driver - local guide.
Walking tours, My walking tours in Siem Reap often depart from the usual tourist routes, showing you Local market, learn about curlture and Nature, the medieval, ancient city. Driving thru the countryside I usually take the small scenic roads, thus giving you a better sense of Cambodia's rural villages, environment.
All tour are tailor-made and if you are looking for a reliable and affordable private driver for your whole Cambodia vacation, I would be honored to be at your service.
Professionalism, care and fun, plus my friend- ship are the cornerstones of my tours.
We specialized in affordable private guided tours for active singles, couples, families and small groups. I heartily welcome travelers from all countries of the world.
From your first enquiry up to the execution of your tour, I will be your contact, answer all your questions, make your itinerary, pre-order your tickets and finally accompany you as a friend on your desired tour.

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Having a layover, cruise. call or a short vacation?. We'll pick you up and take you on a private Tours sightseeing tour of medieval Angkor Wat temples, and around Cambodia and rural historic villages. Visit a Silkfarm, Ceramix pottery factory, hands waving, famous Khmer art, Apsara Dance, curltural museums. Contact me and together. We create a wonderful tailor-made itinerary!



I just came back from an excellent 3-day trip in Siem Reap with my mom. We went on a two-day touring trip to see the Angkor Wat and got Mr. Phat's services, we also asked
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Send me any inquiries you might have. I will be only to happy to reply and give you any information on Cambodia you require.
E-mail Address: sokphat08@yahoo.com
H/P: (855) 17 93 06 94 , (855) 88 72 72 445.
Please give one week notice or more than one week, less than one week, we will not accept any booking.