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Are you thinking of make different sightseeing?

After touring around temples in Angkor Wat and temples area with fully your itinerary if you like make real cambodian ways of Life.!, How they do for living or plant rice in the field. take different experience, you will never stop of Making Photos of beautiful and fantastice view landscap of courtry side water buffello, cow in the field much more thing to see and do.!

By Coming to Siem Reap is good choice, but don't think you've seen evrything here, until you've joined our commmunity Ox-card tour!
Affer your tour at temples, if you would like take experience at county side tour from lush country side to isolated villages. please let Cambodia Taxi Driver take you for unforgettable memories. to explore the real  local in poor commnuites with  Cambodia Ox-card ( wooden Ox-card ) which desigted off road for their vehicles to transport in frield.


Cambodia Taxi Driver & Way of Angkor Tours " bring you to places where life is stil the same as it was before, where changes seem to have passed the people with out touching their traditional way of living. share their felling and meet the frieldly people.

you will go for unforgetable tour amongst rice frield and traditional villages
Floating & Stilt Houses Community
Kampong Phluk
Kampong Phluk is a cluster of three villages of stilted houses built within the floodplain of the Tonle Sap about 16 km southeast of Siem Reap. The villages are primarily Khmer and have about 3000 inhabitants between them. Flooded mangrove forest surrounds the area and is home to a variety of wildlife including crab-eating macaques. During the dry season when the lake is low, the buildings in the villages seem to soar atop their 6-12 meter stilts exposed by the lack of water. At this time of year many of the villagers move out onto the lake and build temporary stilted houses. In the wet season when water level rises again, the villagers move back to their permanent houses on the floodplain, the stilts now hidden under the water. Kampong Phluk's economy is, as one might expect, based in fishing, primary in shrimp harvesting. 

Kampong Phluk sees comparatively few foreign visitors and offers a close look at the submerged forest and lakeside village life as yet unperturbed by tourism
                                               Kampong Khleang
Kampong Khleang is located on the northern lake-edge about 35 km east of Siem Reap town, more remote and less touristed than Kampong Phluk. Visitors to Kampong Khleang during the dry season are universally awestruck by the forest of stilted houses rising up to 10-13 meters in the air. In the wet season the waters rise to within one or two meters of the buildings. Like Kampong Phluk, Kampong Khleang is a permanent community within the floodplain of the Lake, with an economy based in fishing and surrounded by flooded forest. But Kampong Khleang is significantly larger with near 10 times the population of Kampong Phluk, making it the largest community on the Lake.

The best method depending on the time of year. During the dry season, boats cannot get all of the way to the main villages. I have very la lots experience in this area so it is best to consult with me for your tour adventure that specialize in this area. Small group tours begin at about $35 (2 Pax) for a half day and range up through $70 (5dax)  depending on the size of the group and the type of tour.
During the dry season the road is clear and we can take a car or moto all of the way to the villag

Transportation From / to Siem Reap   Tours in Villags Departure F-T Pax Prices
Tuk Tuk Sunset paddy frields- Ox-card walking through villages, if you wish see biggest stilt houses & Foating village scommunity in Siem Reap with boat is extra charge $ 20 USD for boat it's located 6 KM south of Ox-card villages tour. 8 : 30 AM- 6: 00 PM 1 Pax $ 35 USD
 Tuk Tuk      2 Pax $  25 USD
 Tuk Tuk      3 - 4 Pax $ 20 USD
 Tuk Tuk / Van      5 Pax  $18 USD
 Tuk Tuks / Van      6 Pax $ 17 USD 
 Tuk Tuks / Van      7 Pax $ 15 USD
 Tuk Tuks/ VAN      8 Pax  14 USD
 Tuk Tuks/ Van      9 pax  13 USD
 Tuk Tuks/ Van      10 - 15 pax  more charge

Cambodia is a country that famous by histories and temples of Angkor ruin and natural beauty including floating villages, stilt house commninities, largest lake in south east Asia, feedding its people by water resources very important. ( it under Info )
Airport pick up, at your stay, Bus station, Boat station and drop off are available upon your request. 
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Cambodia sightseeing - driver - local guide.
Walking tours, My walking tours in Siem Reap often depart from the usual tourist routes, showing you Local market, learn about curlture and Nature, the medieval, ancient city. Driving thru the countryside I usually take the small scenic roads, thus giving you a better sense of Cambodia's rural villages, environment.
All tour are tailor-made and if you are looking for a reliable and affordable private driver for your whole Cambodia vacation, I would be honored to be at your service.
Professionalism, care and fun, plus my friend- ship are the cornerstones of my tours.
We specialized in affordable private guided tours for active singles, couples, families and small groups. I heartily welcome travelers from all countries of the world.
From your first enquiry up to the execution of your tour, I will be your contact, answer all your questions, make your itinerary, pre-order your tickets and finally accompany you as a friend on your desired tour.

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Having a layover, cruise. call or a short vacation?. We'll pick you up and take you on a private Tours sightseeing tour of medieval Angkor Wat temples, and around Cambodia and rural historic villages. Visit a Silkfarm, Ceramix pottery factory, hands waving, famous Khmer art, Apsara Dance, curltural museums. Contact me and together. We create a wonderful tailor-made itinerary!



I just came back from an excellent 3-day trip in Siem Reap with my mom. We went on a two-day touring trip to see the Angkor Wat and got Mr. Phat's services, we also asked
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